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Prevention, Treatment, and
Restoration are our objective.

We provide a variety of services across various levels of care. Our knowledgeable and caring professionals can help explain these differences and suggest which level of care will be most appropriate and beneficial for your loved one or patient.

24 hour Skilled Nursing Care
James Square offers 24-hour a day care for those who can no longer live independently. Our trained medical professionals provide specialized care to seniors with severe illnesses or injuries. Specially trained staff assist residents with daily activities such as bathing, eating, laundry and housekeeping. They specialize in short-term skilled nursing care, post hospitalization recovery care, or long-term skilled nursing care.

Medically Complex Rehabilitation Care
For patients who require long-term skilled care and have physical rehabilitation goals and will benefit from 24-hour nursing care and daily physician oversight.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Care
We provide short-term rehabilitation for joint replacements, as well as other orthopedic care, stroke and/or other neurological disorders.

Dementia Unit
Our Dementia Unit is specifically devoted to the care of individuals with Alzheimer's and other related dementia disorders. This unit provides a caring, personalized, yet structured environment. Dementia Unit staff pay close attention to identify medical problems that the resident may not be able to communicate such as signs of weight problems, dehydration and medication side effects that occur more frequently in the dementia population.

Many factors are evaluated when determining the
appropriate level of care, including but not limited to:

•Has the patient experienced a loss in the ability to perform activities such as walking, bathing or dressing?

• Does the patient need a daily physician visit to monitor their medical conditions?

• Does the patient require 24-hour nursing care to assist with daily activities?

• Does the patient have the potential to tolerate three or more hours of therapy per day?

• Does the patient have complex medical condition(s) that require an acute care hospital stay for an extended period of time in addition to requiring physical rehabilitation?

• Has the patient experienced a loss in the ability to perform certain physical activities or a loss in one or more of the body's abilities to move through a normal range of motion?

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